How The System Work

Example of JohkasouInstalled at Individual House

A Small-scale Johkasou

A Midddle-scale Johkasou(FRP)

A Midddle-scale Johkasou(RC)

Main System for Domestic Wastewater Treatment

Various Systems for Treatment of Night Soil,Sewage and Wastewater in Japan

Trends of Populations Served by Johkasou,etc

Advantages of Johkasou System

BOD Loading per capita per day of Domestic WasterWater from Household

 Legal Systems of Johkasou Systems(JohkasouLaw)

Johkasou Technicians and Vendors on Johkasou Business

Reuseof Effluent and Sludge

Camparison of Different Subsidy Programs

oward the Water Quality Protection in Public Water Bodies and the Creation of Desirable Water, Reuse of Ellfluent and Sludge